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WOLFPACK; by Abby Wambach Book Review

Amy Wambach is an Olympic gold medalist & holds the world record for most international goals scored by ANY soccer player (male or female.) She is a FIFA world cup champion & is married to Glennon Doyle, author of Untamed.

My favorite thing about Amy? She & her soccer team started the gorilla marketing for women's sports & were the change makers in the world turning its head then showing up for women's sporting events, plus their increase in salary. Her leadership in speaking out about the inequities going on were a catalyst or launching pad for the recent progress we have seen in this industry.

Her book is a great piece of tactful but no nonsense delivery about how to show up as a leader, especially for our gender. Her stories are transparent & inspiring. She offers insight into what questions & curiosities sparked her to take action in situations were woman have been groomed to sit pretty & be quiet.

Eight of the ten chapters make up the body of the book, each offering an old rule we are taught to live by (ex. stay on the path, be grateful for what you have, etc.) and then offering a new rule as a new wolfpack mantra. Her focus is helping us lean into leadership roles, everywhere in our lives as women.

"Recently, on a call with a company hiring me to teach about leadership, a man said, "Excuse me, Abby, I just need to ensure that what you present is applicable to men, too." I said, "Good question! But only if you've asked every male speaker you've hired if his message is applicable to women, too.""

Each chapter/rule to break offers a great personal story with an amazing level of role modeling. She doesn't play herself off as perfect & shows the personal growth through each story. I personally enjoyed the internal dialogue she offered of her own 'self coaching' in hard moments.

Although a quick read (I devoured it's 93 pages in an evening) it packs a significant & powerful set of lessons. At my age this would not be a book I purchase & keep on the shelf but this is a book I would gift to young women in my life or those I come across who have that glint in their eye of, "I'm revving up to make change..." I imagine gifting this to my daughter when she turns 13 or I wish someone had gifted it to me when I was 15 or 16. Any young woman-to-be sitting on a youth council or getting involved in high level sports, early politics or not-for-profit groups should be gifted this book.


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