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How to Heal From an Over Enmeshed Mother

I've worked with a few clients who struggle with an 'over enmeshed mother,' - both men & women.

Below are some of the resources that I have shared with clients for them to begin their journey identifying whether or not this describes their childhood &/or adult relationship with their mother. The resources also describe the typical results you could be seeing as a pattern in your life & gain insight as to why they are occurring.

The first thing you should absolutely watch is this short clip about how to use your past to launch your healing. If you're going to do a video, research rabbit hole - this is a great place to start.

But also follow on to the blog links below. They address the Mother-Son over enmeshment pattern. Recovery for the Mother-Daughter toxic bond should be found in my book Beyond Damage, Aggressive Recovery from the Toxic Mother Daughter Bond (click for links)

By Kathy L. Kain (Author), Stephen J. Terrell (Author), Peter A. Levine Ph.D. (Foreword)

This book blew my mind on how it addressed all of the developmental trauma research & healing approaches so succinctly in one book. It is now one of my favorite books & I use it as a reference constantly.


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Julia is a Holistic Health Consultant, holding a Double Diploma in Community Support & Addictions Work, is a Certified Transformation Specialist, Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach & a Lvl 2 Reiki Practitioner. She specializes in Trauma Informed Practice & Resiliency Coaching & Holistic Pregnancy & Postpartum Health Coaching. 

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